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Original by Paul Mitchell®

Discover the original favorites.
Cleanse, condition and protect any hair type or texture with Paul Mitchell® Original.

Shampoo One®

Gentle Wash

Basics: Gently cleanses and improves manageability.

Benefits: Adds deep shine and enhances hair’s appearance.

Bonus: It’s extremely mild, making it great choice for color-treated hair.


Sizes (oz):  3.4 10.14 16.9 33.8(L)

Awapuhi Shampoo®

Super Rich Wash

Basics: A rich lather thoroughly cleanses any hair type.

Benefits: Helps balance moisture and add volume.

Bonus: Multitasks as a luxurious body wash.


Sizes (oz):  3.4 10.14 16.9 33.8(L)

The Conditioner™

Leave-In Moisturizer

Basics: Gets weary strands back in shape.

Benefits: Smoothes hair, reduces static and
prevents dryness

Bonus: Doubles as an excellent moisturizer for skin.


Sizes (oz):  3.4 10.14 16.9 33.8(L)

The Detangler®

Super Rich Conditioner

Basics: Detangles and conditions medium to
coarse hair.

Benefits: Smoothes, softens and prevents
moisture loss.

Bonus: Guards vulnerable strands against
sun damage.


Sizes (oz):   3.4 10.14 16.9 33.8(L)

Hair Repair Treatment®

Strengthens and Rebuilds

Basics: Helps repair weak, damaged hair.

Benefits: Provides a powerful dose of moisture
and rebuilds inner strength.

Bonus: Improves the look and feel of hair.


Sizes (oz):    3.4 6.8 16.9

Seal and Shine®

Thermal Protection and Condition

Basics: Shields hair from damage caused by blow dryers and hot irons.

Benefits: Leaves locks hydrated and noticeably shiny.

Bonus: Won’t weigh hair down.


Sizes (oz):   3.4 8.5 16.9