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Flexible Style by Paul Mitchell®


Elastic Shaping Paste

Basics: Creates bendable texture with flexible hold.

Benefits:  Shapes multiple styles—spike, twist, bend, separate or define.

Bonus:  Highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way.


Sizes (oz):   1.8

Super Sculpt™

Quick-Drying Styling Glaze

Basics: Provides flexible control and long-lasting memory.

Benefits: Adds body and maximizes shine.

Bonus: Dries fast so you get the results you want in less time.


Sizes (oz):  3.4 8.5 16.9 33.8(L)

Hair Sculpting Lotion™

Styling Liquid

Basics: Delivers medium hold, long-lasting
memory and texture.

Benefits: Smoothes the surface of hair and
minimizes flyaways.

Bonus: Reactivates with heat or water for quick
and easy restyling.


Sizes (oz): 3.4 8.5 16.9


Texture Cream

Basics: Creates clean, moveable texture.

Benefits: Bendable formula allows for easy restyling.

Bonus: Can be used on wet hair for a natural finish
or on dry hair for bold texture.


Sizes (oz):  5.1

Slick Works®

Texture and Shine

Basics: Enhances texture and creates definition.

Benefits: Leaves hair noticeably shiny.

Bonus: It’s super lightweight, making it ideal
for finishing dry hair.


Sizes (oz):  3.4 6.8

Spray Wax™

Flexible Texture

Basics: Creates bendable texture.

Benefits: Delivers a satin finish.

Bonus: Light aerosol mist is easy to apply
to all hair lengths and hair types.


Sizes (oz):  2.8 7.5

Wax Works®

Extreme Texture

Basics: Creates bold texture and definition.

Benefits: Makes hair super shiny.

Bonus: Provides enough hold for even
hard-to-control hair.


Sizes (oz):  3.4 6.8

Sculpting Foam™

Conditioning Foam

"Best Styling Products – Mousse" "Best Styling Mousse"

Basics: Enhances texture with long-lasting memory.

Benefits: Controls frizz, adds shine balances moisture.

Bonus: Creates gorgeous, crunch-free, defined curls.


Sizes (oz): 2 6.7 16.9

Fast Drying Sculpting Spray™

Working Spray®

Basics: Adds body, flexible control and shine.

Benefits: LProtects hair from damaging UV rays.

Bonus: Quickly reactivates with heat or water.


Sizes (oz):  3.4 8.5 16.9 33.8(L)

Super Clean Spray®

Finishing Spray

Basics: Adds fullness, texture and flexible hold.

Benefits: Dries fast with clean, run-your-fingers-through-it results.

Bonus: Helps protect against sun damage.


Sizes (oz):  3.5 10

Volumizing Spray™

Root Lifter

Basics: Thickens hair and adds fullness.

Benefits: Helps reduce static and flyaways.

Bonus: Provides extra volume for blow-dried


Sizes (oz):  3.4 8.5 16.9

And the Award Goes to...

Paul Mitchell®
In the last three years, we've taken home more than 30 of the most coveted awards in our industry. Check out the Paul Mitchell products that are wowing beauty editors, readers and stylists alike!

Flexible Style
Switch up your style. Create versatile looks with medium hold and long-lasting memory with Paul Mitchell® Flexible Style.