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Allure Hair Salon Take your smile from Drab to FAB! Featuring Express Whitening Inspired by smiles, expressed by yours!

Top 5 Reasons

to whiten your teeth:

  1. Give a first impression that says WOW!
  2. Look and feel 5-10 years younger.
  3. Reduce plaque and gum disease.
  4. Instant mood lifter as you smile more.
  5. Boost your smile confidence.  
Lubbocks Top Salon

Top 10 Reasons  

to sport a bright smile:

  1. Yourself: self confidence and self image.
  2. Sales job.
  3. Important meeting.
  4. Wedding.
  5. Job Interview.
  6. Pictures.
  7. Healthcare Industry.
  8. Beauty Industry
  9. Modeling Gig.
  10. Personal Training or Coaching.

Comparative Whitening Systems

Tests show that after whitening with the Express Whitening system, teeth score 3-12 shades whiter on the VITA tooth scale.  Results are 30% better than home systems and better than results from comparable systems.

Express Whitening FAQ Frequently  Asked Questions Click link Take your smile from Drab to Fab!