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Take your smile from Drab to FAB! Featuring Express Whitening Inspired by smiles, expressed by yours!

The Technology

Research has shown that there are five elements to successful teeth whitening.  We combine these factors to give you the optimum whitening result.

  Peroxide | Light | Pressure | Heat | Exposure


This is the active ingredient in virtually all tooth whitening products.  Peroxides react with light and oxygen to form hydroxyl radicals, which penetrate the tooth enamel, breaking down years of stains, and leaving a beautiful white smile.

We use an innovative, patented mouth tray that positions and keeps the peroxide on your tooth’s surface and effectively reflects the whitening light rays throughout the mouthpiece.  Our gel is very fresh and specially formulated to be neutral in pH, which maximizes stain-removing power without damaging your tooth’s enamel.


This process can be accelerated and intensified by using a curing light within the gentle blue-green spectrum (wavelengths between 400 to 500 nanometers), which is perfectly safe for teeth, gums, and skin.  By exposing the teeth to this type of light while the peroxide is on the teeth, the whitening action is accelerated and intensified, increasing the rate of release of hydroxyl radicals, even with neutral pH peroxide.

We use a patented LED whitening accelerator light to increase the release of hydroxyl radicals and accelerate the peroxide whitening process.  The harmful UV rays have been removed, leaving a gentle cold blue light that accelerates and intensifies the whitening process.  It is much safer than other heat-activated lights on the market and will not irritate the nerves of your teeth (that causes sensitivity).


Mild pressure is required to squeeze peroxide into the structure of the tooth.   To accomplish this, dentists will custom mold a tray to your teeth so that when the peroxide gel is placed in the tray, it will be pressed onto the surface of your teeth during the whitening process.

Express Whitening accomplishes this without the need for an expensive, custom tray.  We use a patented mouthpiece to press the peroxide gel into the tooth surface for optimal tooth whitening.


Peroxide activity increases with temperature, releasing more of its powerful hydroxyl radicals than would occur at lower temperatures.

The combination of the mouth tray, pressure, and light reacts with your internal mouth temperature to raise the temperature of the peroxide, therefore reducing treatment time.


The longer you expose your teeth to a combination of peroxide, light, heat and pressure, the whiter your teeth will become — to a point.  Peroxide eventually breaks down into water.  It “wears out” faster the more light and heat it is exposed to.  Therefore, a balance must be struck between repetition of applications and exposure time.